Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Where is the Integrity?

We (as in those of us who didn’t vote for President-elect Trump) are standing by in horror, looking at not only his administration picks, his lack of intelligence briefings (he’s too smart for that!?) and the now known fact that the Russians interfered with our electoral process (c’mon... we all knew that months before the election!) This who support Mr. Trump stand by, nodding their heads, like those bobble-head dolls, accepting everything he and his transition team puts out, as if there is nothing what so ever wrong with how the election went, the fact that there have been some discrepancies and irregularities in the vote (and I will grant you, that there are always some irregularities but never like this!)

I find it terribly interesting that the RNC was “hacked” and the information was never used. Although Reince Priebus says that that the RNC was NOT hacked at all. Well... isn’t that just freaking special? Because there is nothing like cheating and committing treason to gain the Presidency, right Reince?

And just what was promised to get the presidency? Oh! Wait! I know! Someone who “knows more than the generals”, someone who won’t sit down for intelligence briefings because he’s “too smart”, someone who is planning to load his administration up with ideologues, demagogues, fascists and white nationalists. Someone who is willing to bend over and take it, when Russia comes to call... and let this country take it dry.

It pisses me off that now... now that the election is over, we are now going to admit that this has all happened? No, that’s not true. Those of us on the left were saying this when the DNC was hacked, when John Podesta’s emails were being leaked. But thanks to the main stream media, and James Comey of the FBI, the nation’s eyes were taken away form that train wreck and placed firmly back onto Secretary Clinton’s email non-scandal. WE KNEW IN JULY THAT THE RUSSIANS HAD HACKED THE DNC! And what happened? Not a damned thing.

And what is it we are hearing from our friends on the Right? It’s “sour grapes”... No... it’s NOT sour grapes. It’s bordering on fucking treason, you twats! A Foreign power interfered with our election with the aid and encouragement of YOUR FUCKING PARTY! But you were more than willing to lock up Sec Clinton over a private email server, right?

Now we are looking at a man nominated to be our chief diplomat who has actively worked against the United States as an executive for Exxon-Mobil. Oh, yes, he has foreign "diplomatic" experience... under cutting US interests abroad, but let's just ignore all that, shall we? Because there's nothing to see here. Move along. Sweet baby Jesus!

And the Republican Party, rather than piss off their new found hero, are going to go with party line and vote these completely unsuitable into the Cabinet.

(Pardon that sound... that's me, banging my head on the desk... it's going to feel so good when I stop!)

I would like to say that I'm shocked, here, but I'm not. I keep hearing that the Democrats "have no bench" for 2020, that they are worried about what's going to happen in 2018, that they are in deep trouble with their base. Well, I have to tell you that the trouble isn't the messaging, it's the delivery. The candidate wasn't as flawed as you people think that she was, or as "unlikable". The problem was that the media bought into the Trump hype. Every time the man farted the media covered it. And every time that Sec Clinton got some air time, we heard about emails, Benghazi, or the non-scandal over at the Clinton Foundation.

And seriously, the WikiLeaks emails - if the media hadn't hot footed over there to report on stolen goods (or made up stuff) - and FBI Director Comey hadn't written a letter based on information he didn't have... the election would have gone a different way.

So.... no. It's not sour grapes. It's looking at this election and wondering where the integrity is.

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