Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The sun will come out....

Well... that didn't work out as planned. But look! POTUS was right! The sun did come up this morning!

Now, to work. Understand that this man is OUR president. Like President Obama, he is NOT the president of just the Republicans, he is the President of the United States of America, as unbelievable as that is. It is time for ALL Americans to pull together and work together to make this work.

Today, someone un-friended me, because they said that I was "speaking in platitudes" about the election. That I was being too much of a "Polly Anna". The truth is, I am being a pragmatist.
Sure, I'm disappointed. I'm angry. And yes, I watched Secretary Clinton's concession speech in tears, but I also understand that the way that our government works by the voice of the people. And that voice will speak again in November 2018.

It's going to take work and it's going to take time. And yes, we just finished a horribly grueling presidential campaign, that left everyone bruised and battered. But one thing that history teaches us is that there is always backlash.

And backlash comes in the form of a Congressional change, IF we are willing to work for it. It happened to Clinton, Bush and Obama... We MUST make it happen to Trump, if we are to keep our civil liberties, our Constitutional freedoms and perhaps even our communities in tact.

Come November 2018, thirty three Senate seats are up for grabs, and the House is in play. Do you want Trump to have a Super Majority or do you want him to have the fight of his life? It's up to you. Wallow in your anger if you want... I know what I'm going to do....

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