Friday, November 4, 2016

Almost over....

It's almost over. The election that we thought would never end is almost over. People have told me that there has never been such an acrimonious election, and I laugh. Little do they know! The election of 1910, between Teddy Roosevelt and his Bull Moose Party, Woodrow Wilson, the Democrat and William Howard Taft, the Republican incumbent was as acrimonious, nasty... the name calling was stupendous! And remember, this was before mass communication, before the internet and before even, the radio! Roosevelt called Taft a "pinhead", Wilson called Roosevelt an "idiot" and it went on and on.

The sad part is that the Founding Fathers didn't plan for political parties. They thought that we would solve our political differences like gentle persons.... with fist fights on the Senate floor and calling each other out for duels. Little did the Founding Fathers imagine that women, blacks or even American Indians would vote! I mean... really!

And here we are. In a race where the bar to our political discourse that has been so lowered that my Pomeranians could have run for office and potentially gotten the nomination. On the upside, they weren't available for the Republican Convention. I have heard people say that if Gov. Kasich or Marco Rubio had gotten the nomination that Secretary Clinton would be in trouble.

Let's look at this critically. Republicans put up sixteen of their "best and brightest" against one bombastic, blowhard and managed to nominate the blowhard. Based on... his ability to insult, deride, embarrass and make fun of the "best and brightest". AND THEN... these people turn around and ENDORSE him, UNendorse him and then RE-endorse him!

Oh yeah... she's be in trouble.

And he's all upset when people use his own words against him. Comes under the heading of "Roll that beautiful bean footage".

Which brings us to this email crap again... and all the stuff that is coming out around that. Well... oh my my.

Brett Beir... Dear me... Jumped that shark, didn't you? FOX News is listed as an entertainment outlet, not as a news outlet, did you know that when you signed your contract? Or were you really thinking that you were working for a real news division? At least with a real news division that would have made sure that your facts were somewhat correct…

Rudy Giuliani... still carrying a grudge? Because you were beaten by a woman? Or is it because she's better prepared? Or smarter? Or just simply better liked?

Rep Jason Chaffetz - I have some serious questions for you - don't you have better things to do than conduct witch hunts? You know, like some legislation that does the work of the people of this country? That stuff that you were elected to do... That you are PAID to do?

Oh... what? You need a few days off?

Honey, you have had more days off than any other Congress in history!

You Congress Critters are NOT Joseph McCarthy. This is NOT the House Un American Actives Committee and NONE of you are going to be able to ride this puppy into the White House, like Nixon did.

And Director Comey... you aren't J.Edgar Hoover, sir. Quit trying to act like him (unless of course you have a closet full of dresses, then what you do on your own time, is up to you...) You stepped in it, sir. You knew the rules and you broke them. In the military, they would be having an Article 92 hearing right about now, and making sure that you have counsel for your court martial.

This has been a complete debacle. We are better than this. We NEED to be better than this. Sec Clinton has tried to raise the level of this election and has been continuously dragged down. If you listen to her, she ASKS for your vote. She doesn't DEMAND is. She doesn't ASSUME that you will give it, as her right. She says "if I am lucky enough to be elected your President..."

I'm ready for this to be over. And once it's over, I'm done with emails. Who the hell cares. It was over in July. So let it die the death that it deserves.

Those of you who are going to vote for Sec Clinton are going to vote for her. Those of you who are going to vote for Mr Trump are going to do that. And the real truth is... none of this, the emails, the supposed scandals, the bull shit... doesn't make a bit of difference....

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