Friday, October 28, 2016

Hillary and the Republicans

What? Two blogs in one day? What is she playing at? Well... the first one was an introduction, this one is a bit of a rant....

I heard the other day that if one of the other Republican hopefuls had made it through the primaries, that Sec Clinton would be in big trouble, and oh so behind in the polls. Wait. What?

OK, let me get this straight, the Republican party fielded sixteen of it's "best and brightest" and they couldn't beat one misogynist bigot blowhard with their brilliance... and Sec Clinton would have been in trouble from one of them? Really? What  kind of recreational pharmaceuticals are you people on? Just what the hell are you smoking? It can't possibly be legal!

She left the Senate with a 56% national approval rating and a 74% rating from her colleagues in the Senate. She was considered one of the best secretaries of state that we have ever had, traveling almost a  million miles in the four years that she represented our country around the world. BUT the moment she decided to make a run at the White House, this time around, she is the "conniving bitch from Hell"?


Because she didn't leave Bill when he cheated on her? Because she said "Hi" to Juanita Broadrrick at a garden party? (THAT was SO intimidating! How DARE she!)

And now there are these "new emails". They came out the investigation into Anthony Weiner (a collective Eww is appropriate here). Frankly, I'm half convinced they are Huma Abadin telling him that she's working late, where she is (what part of the world) and telling him good night....

I think that people are making too much out of nothing. But what can I tell you, make of it what you will...

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